17 SAVAGE traditional Indian mens clothing [DIWALI 2020 updated]

traditional Indian mens clothing, engagement dress for men

When it comes to traditional Indian mens clothing it’s for both men and women who need to nail the occasions for the Indian festivals which are approaching. It’s always the festivals where you want to pull an Indian outfit with all the swag and to stand out, you need to creative as well as innovative.

While it’s comparatively easy for women to find the perfect traditional outfit for the occasion it becomes very difficult for men to find just the right traditional Indian mens clothing that they can turn heads to.

Don’t you worry though, this festive season, we have got you covered for all the body types( yes for the Skinny guys too who just can’t choose the right outfit) and for the occasions ranging from Diwali and the Shaadi seasons that follow after that? You can have everything you want and we will help you style it just right.

So without further ado, we will jump right in and get started right away.

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1. KURTAS ( Traditional Indian Mens Clothing ) –

If there’s one thing that has been constant in Men’s designer clothes through the decades, it is the classic Kurta. Humble yet dapper, the ‘Kurta’ has grown from being a daily comfort wear option to an essential in men’s wear, especially during festivities.

A Kurta is rooted in traditional menswear. A perfect amalgamation of style and comfort this quintessential outfit has been transformed into many indo-western silhouettes by ace Indian brands or designers.

Vibrant and imperial, a Kurta as Indian wedding menswear is never a wrong choice. Be it for a Mehendi function or a cocktail party, a Kurta makes for an appropriate style.

Here we have listed the Kurtas we feel you will love and have specified the types to suit your convenience


Short kurtas can be a style statement especially when you want to rock the ethnics that too in a subtle manner. Because none of us want to go over the top in the events where we are not even sure of the crowd.

We know how difficult it might get to choose an outfit where you are not even sure of the event and that is the reason we suggest you go for something like a short kurta paired up with jeans and you would look just about right to steal the show.

Short kurtas are never too glam so you could easily pull it off on any random ethnic day and that is what it makes it worth the keep in your wardrobe. So we have brought to you the handpicked collection of Kurtas which we handpicked and we are sure you are going to love it.

So go on and get ready to turn all heads at the party you have been waiting for as you rock this gorgeous ethnic look.


Long Kurta is the show stealer for all the tall guys out there( and by tall we don’t mean 6 feet). Anyone who has a decent height can rock the long Kurtas like a boss and it is a must-have for all the poojas you have to attend and the Diwali parties you will be attending.

Oh yes, we know you are going to ask us the usual questions, like why would you not go for a sherwani instead, but we will tell you what, you can style a long kurta in way more ways than you can play with a sherwani.

How would you do that? We will tell you!

  • Pair the Kurta with a Nehru jacket and you are good as gold for any wedding or engagement ceremony you have to be a part of.
  • Pair it with a Pyjama with sleeves pulled up and you are nailing it like Virat in the Manyavar advertisement.
  • Pair it with a pathani scarf and you have completely changed it to a classy Indo western outfit that no one will get enough of.

So you see, it is a win-win. No matter what the occasion is, all you have to do is take a long kurta and play with it a bit.

We are sure, you will turn a lot of heads with the killer fashion sense, and you can always thank us later. So go on and have a look at the most amazing products we chose for you and we assure you, you will definitely not regret this purchase.


Indo western kurtas are getting popular slowly and are already being loved by fashion enthusiasts all over India.

We know how you are very skeptical about trying this match of Indian and western but we assure you, it is going to be worth every bit. Indo-western kurtas are classy and provide a perfect blend of ethnic and western so of course, you can rock them on all occasions without having to worry about any fashion disaster.

They are classy and stylish and provide you with all the comfort to be in your own skin and yet try to be uniquely different in those terms. If you want to experiment a little with your style then Indo western is yours to try.

So go ahead and experiment with your style and be the talk of the party you are to attend.


A Jodhpuri suit or Bandhgala suit is a formal suit from India. It originated in the Jodhpur State and was popularized during mid 19th – mid 20th century in India. It consists of a coat and trousers, sometimes accompanied by a vest.

A Classic Bandhgala is a definitive must-have in any fashion enthusiast gentleman’s wardrobe. It is the perfect fuse between the modern and the traditional, the global, and the personal.

The Jodhpur Bandhgala is uniquely versatile no matter the time of the day. Just ask anyone with even the minimums and you’ll know: if there’s any type of suit that will rise to the occasion, it’ll be the Bandhgala. And when it comes down to it Bandhgala can be a save for the most part when you are clueless on what to wear.

Bandhgala gives you the royal feel you always wanted to have. For we all know, it comes down from Rajasthan, the land of Kings and Princes and Bandhgala is the outfit of the royals and has come down from one generation to other. It is now widely accepted as a royal Indian outfit and you can always go for the bandhgala if you can not pick on what to wear.

Here are a few Bandhgalas we think you will love and won’t be able to resist yourself from imagining how you would look in the threads of royalty.

3. NEHRU JACKET ( Traditional Indian Mens Clothing )-

The Nehru jacket is named after India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru and it is a fusion of design that merges western cuts with traditional Indian mens clothing (the achkan or sherwani).

The Nehru style closely resembles the suit jacket but features a distinct stand up mandarin collar (usually 1-2” or 2-5cm tall) with no lapels, giving it a stricter and more military appeal to its design. This jacket is also more fitted and shorter in length in comparison to a standard suit jacket. In India, it is considered as an engagement dress for men.

The Nehru looks best when it is worn with collarless or mandarin shirts but can also be paired with a turndown collared shirt. So you can rock the Nehru jacket with all the swag and style with a shirt or a kurta and boom, you are ready to rock the Nehru Jacket without much thought and effort


The Bandhgala jacket, also sometimes known as the Jodhpuri jacket, originated from the princely state of Jodhpur. It was during the British Raj Era when the Bandhgala style achieved cult status as it perfectly merged the western structured styles with the traditional Indian angarkhas. The Bandhgala style features a standing closed collar and comes with a highly structured cut that follows the curves of the body.

Bandhgalas are distinctly masculine, regal, and must be custom-made to perfection. The Bandhgala suit or jacket with tailored bandhgala shirts, complete with either cravats, scarves, or pocket squares as accessories.

We have picked up bandgalas we think you will love and we are sure you will not be disappointed. So go ahead and take a look at our pick and tell us what you thought


The top wear being listed, we are here to help you pick the bottom wear as well. Bottom wear is just not limited to just pajamas and jeans and there is a lot more to discover. Do not worry though, we are here to help.

Below we have listed the best of the bottom wear we could find and we know you will love those. So without any delay, let us get started with the recommendations of the bottom wear.


Yes you read it right, the churidaars are not just limited to women, they are very much available for men too. So just get ready to rock the kurta or Indo western designed kurtas with churidaar and create a style statement of your own.

Churidaar is an ethnic look bottom wear and completes the traditional look for let’s address it out loud, you CAN NOT wear a kurta with a pair of jeans especially when you have to attend the festivity.

So be it the wedding of your best friend where you have to dance in baaraat or the pooja at home you must attend, churidaar is always a good option to go for and simultaneously it is one of the most popular engagement dress for men in India. So have a look at the top picks of the churidaar we have selected for you.


Nothing better than rocking a pathani with a salwar where ever you go. It gives you a classy and dapper look without much effort and that is what we want. So all you need to do is pair the salwar with a pathani kurta and a jacket and you are good to go.

And we have saved you efforts in that as well, we have found you an elegant piece of salwar paired with a pathani coat and a Nehru jacket, all you have to do is to buy it and set the party you are to attend, on fire.

So go ahead and nail the parties you have been waiting to attend. Traditional Indian Mens Clothing like Salwars and pathanis can nail all occasions, formals, and casuals alike.


Yeah, we know what you are thinking. But then you need to experiment a little to keep things going. Gone are the days when people used to like only modern clothes like Jeans and Trousers. It is righty said, whatever goes around, comes around. This is very true in the case of fashion. Now we are back in an era where people have again started showing an inclination towards something that we used to do earlier.

The same goes for clothes too. Bell bottoms were worn in the time we call retro, and the same trend is being followed again, with the latest trends. The same is the case with Dhotis. So what we mean to say is, Dhotis are back in style. And all you have to do is pair the dhoti with Kurta or even a sherwani and you are good to go.

We have handpicked the style for you we think you would love. Check that out and tell us what you think.


A comfort-oriented fabric is used in the making of chinos, meaning it is made from a lightweight cotton twill fabric making it the best choice for everyday use and nailing the off-duty look. From being a regular everyday fixture for millions of men all over the globe to blending seamlessly into a formal dress code, indeed chinos have become a staple of men’s fashion.

Now you must be thinking about how you will be able to style the chinos with traditional wear, but guess what! That is why we are here to help. Chinos can be as good as any jeans or churidaar or pyjama and you can pair it with anything you want. Yes, you read it right! Chinos can be paired with anything—anything ethnic to be particular. But we think it is best paired with short kurtas where you want to pull off the formal look and still be the head turner in the formal parties


Choosing from a large variety of footwear especially to pair it up with ethnic wear is a tedious task and we know how difficult it can get for you to choose from. So we have brought to you the best of the ethnic footwear findings and we know you will love them. Have a look at the best of our findings and pick the right footwear for your ethnic outfit for the Diwali party you have to attend.


Formal shoes are always a great choice especially when you are going for the whole formal look. Especially with the chinos, we think nothing better than formal shoes will suit the look. The whole look will come out to be dapper and yet formal so of course, you would be able to rock the whole look and with style.

We have picked the best formal shoes there are, all you have to do is go grab them. So what are you waiting for?


Traditional loafers are of course an Indian thing. Basically loafers with an ethnic twist. Traditional loafers go really well with Sherwani and even Kurtas and Chinos alike and we know you would love them. The good part is, they are between the broad lines of formal and casual so you do not have to worry about being too formal or too casual.

Traditional Indian mens clothing loafers have been a thing for a while now and are a great buy for the festivities. All you have to do is pair these loafers with an ethnic outfit and get the party started. Go check out the amazing pick we have for you.


If you are into something different and want to do the talking through your shoes, you need to check these out. Traditional monk straps are classy and sexy and are different yet perfect for the fashion enthus who want to try something out of the box.

Monk straps are the fashion savior for the day and they can definitely win the crowd over if you want to make a fashion experiment without committing a fashion blunder. So check out these traditional monk straps we have picked for you and tell us what you paired it within the comment section below here.


These leather babies are a steal at the price for they come with man-made soles and are definitely worth the hype they are going to create. They are not just specific to the traditional wear, you can rock them on the cocktail night of your best friend or the festivity you have to attend, they go for both alike. And to give you ideas, they are going to turn heads even in the office parties in the festival of Diwali. So get your pair of strap loafers we have got for you and nail the look you have been dying to pull off.
P.S.-We have picked out the best strap loafers you could get on a budget.


Kalapuri or Kolhapuri chappals have officially been the ethnic wear chappals and you can not deny that. The chappals are a style statement for everyone who has been wearing ethnic wear for a long. The kalapuri chappals are great especially to go with the traditional wear and we have all seen our actors dance to Holi songs wearing these and we have all loved them, have we not?

Kolhapuris are a great rescue when you can not decide on what to wear, with ethnic wear. We have handpicked the pair of Kolhapuris for you and we think you would love them. So don’t wait and go check those.


Ethnics are incomplete without accessories and if you want to go for a wholesome look, the accessories are going to complete your dapper look and thus, we are going to help you pick just the right accessories for the look you have to pull in the party. So that we have listed the accessories which we think you should definitely check out to complete the whole look.

So we won’t make you wait any longer and get the list going.


What is a Kurta without a pulled up sleeve to reveal a sexy watch? Ethnics are incomplete without watches and especially when you talk about Kurtas.

The watches are a perfect accessory when you want a go-to accessory because let us address it, we do not want to add the extra blingy bracelets and other stuff and the empty hands don’t really go well with the ethnic wear and so we have found you a watch for every budget.


If you want to go for the Daniel Wellington watches they are a steal for all those who are looking for something that will last a lifetime. Daniel Wellington watches are a great buy if you are willing to push your budget limits a little bit because you get amazing accessories and it goes with everything be it shirts or kurtas or anything in between.

Check out the watch we have picked for you and pair it with your favorite Kurta or Shirt alike.


When you want to go for something that fits your budget, Titan is the steal deal for you. Titan is the greatest budget buy when it comes to watches and what better accessory than a Titan watch! Be it your Pathani kurta or your Indo western look, you can nail them all wearing this watch as an accessory and we don’t think you would need anything else to complete the look.

So we suggest you check out the Titan watch we have picked for you and we know all you will want to say is that you love it. We urge you to grab it as soon as possible and get the party started.

15. SHAWLS/ STOLES ( Traditional Indian Mens Clothing )-

Now if you want to find something that will give you the royal feel at the wedding or engagement and will also make you stand out we will tell you what, Shawls, and stoles are the deal. Shawls have always looked classy with ethnics, be it kurtas or Bandhgalas or even Nehru Jackets, all you need to do is to pair the right contrast with you are ready to stand out.

Let us make you recall the Bollywood trend of wearing a Pashmina shawl to the festivities and oh! How they rocked it. You can try and recreate the whole look or create something of your own. We have listed the shawls budget wise-


Well, it’s Diwali or your best friend’s wedding and budget is no constraint. Then we suggest you go for the very beautiful Pashmina and the sheer beauty of it has us drooling. Check out our pick of the Pashmina shawls that will add to your classy look with a sherwani or a bandhgala and get the Royal look that will turn heads for you.


Well, the budget should not stop you from experimenting. Ethnic stoles are classy and can simply be used to recreate the whole look you have in mind already. You can add an ethnic shawl with almost anything and you will rock the party with your style which would be unique yet classy. Check out our pick for the ethnic stole and grab yours quickly.


What is a Bandhgala or a Nehru jacket without a pocket square, and let us all remind ourselves how we have crushed over Amit Ji’s pocket squares from KBC. So now that you will finally be wearing something ethnic, a pocket square is a must for the sherwani or the bandhgala or the Nehru jacket for that matter.

We have a fine pick for you so you need not worry, just go and have a look and imagine your complete dapper look with that simple yet elegant accessory.


Yes, we know what you are thinking, but trust is, broOches can simply change the whole look of the kurta or the sherwani or whatever ethnic wear you choose to go for. Brooches are elegant and can make the whole look different so we suggest you have a look at the set of brooches we have picked for you and style them accordingly with your favorite Kurta and create a whole new look with it.

These were our picks for the traditional Indian mens clothing or men’s ethnic wear for Diwali. We hope we helped you create the whole look and we know you are going to set ablaze all the parties this festive season.

Tell us in the comment section how you completed your whole look and we more than love to have feedback from you.

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